Saturday, January 10, 2009


So this last week I was able to fly up to Spokane to see my family (shout out to Monica...thanks again, it meant a lot to me). It was definitely an interesting week. My sisters basement flooded from all the rain melting the 5 feet of snow they had. Thanks to the property management company that runs my sisters townhouse we were able to enjoy a sleepless night at a local hotel, thanks Gabe ;-) I do have to say the highlight of my trip was watching my sister run across the street with perm rods in her hair to get the maintainence man as the downstairs began to flood. Okay well that wasn't the main highlight, but it sure makes for an awesome memory. Love ya kell!

While I was up there my Aunt Lori, did a photo shoot with my sister and I and our kids. It was such a blast, she is such an amazing photographer. These were my favorite shots. I have some favorites that she took of my sisters kids too, but I thought I would let her post them first if she wants to. I have always always wanted a photo of me and my sister and now I have such an awesome one. Thanks Jell for being one of my best friends. I love you sis!