Thursday, July 10, 2008

My newest Nephew

Wednesday morning July 9, 2008 at 8:42am my nephew Levi Garrett Foutch was born.
I got to be there with my sister through the whole child bearing. Let me first say I had no desire to see anything. I was at the head of the bed, there to support my sister and be a good first time coach. Who knew you could still get a first rate view of everything at the head of the bed. I was so amazed at how fast the whole thing went. The doctor came in at 8am to induce, 8:15 was the enormous needle inserted into my sisters backside, and after just two pushes at 8:42 the baby was here (I am beginning to plead with the Lord that my labor goes that fast). Its such a strange moment that continuously replays over and over in my head.

The best was that when I first held the baby, I teased my brother in law that he looked Jewish, with his very prominent nose. (Sidenote: originally the baby's name was going to be Matthew Bruce, and he had gone by that name all day after being born.) Wednesday night after I had left the hospital my sister and brother in law began to talk about how he didn't look like a Matthew. I had thought the same thing, but didn't say anything cuz he wasn't my baby. Come to find out my siblings and my cousin all had felt the same way about the name. My brother in law was then prompted with the name of Levi Garrett, who is a Hebrew ancestor on my mothers side. They both felt so strongly about that name. I thought it was perfect and very fitting.

I have to say it was an amazing experience, and I feel very calm now about what I will have to go through now that I have seen the procedure. I'm so super excited especially because my little man will have a cousin who is the same age to play with.
My brother Garrett joined in on the pictures with my sis and I

My sister Jelly and her adorable growing family My nephew Gabe wanted to go home in the baby's car about that.....

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where was smokey the bear?

So this last weekend or the week before (I'm not sure of dates, because I can't remember what I did yesterday) Josh and I drove 3 hours to a remote place called Moon Lake to spend some quality time with his family camping. Any of you who know me know that my idea of camping is in a hotel with no cable, so I was happy when I found out we had cabins to sleep in. Being 5 months pregnant and the thought of sleeping on the ground was not so appealing. I must say I was overjoyed beyond anything when I saw the outhouses actually had indoor plumbing. I gave a prayer of thanks. LOL! I really had a great time hangin with the fam. We played cards, watched the kids play in the freezing cold lake, sent all the guys off to fish, and the best part was watching Josh throw our 45 pound old english bulldog into the lake. No need to report us to the "cruelty of animals" commission, as one, it was our way of giving him a bath, and two, Josh was right on hand when our dog went under for a second and Josh almost had to dive under to get him. He came back up and proved he could swim with ease. It was fun just to relax and watch the kids play and sit by the camp fire. I have to say that is one of my favorite things to do, just sit by the campfire, eating snacks, and with everyone.
All the women folk. Me with my sisters and mother in law.
Josh and Brutus. Josh would throw a stick out into the lake and brutus would go after it as long as it wasn't too far out, when it was too far out, he would stop and just back up all the way to shore. I have never laughed so hard, it was a sight to see.
My sister-in-law Autumn and me with my beloved Diet Coke. Can't leave home without it.
Josh caught a total of 33 fishes. I think I last heard that all together the boys caught over 100 fish.
Wow I was thrilled for this shot. ;-) I'm guessing I just woke up.
Thanks Kallee for all the pictures. ;-)