Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer lovin...

Okay well I have been so crazy busy, I haven't had time to post about our travels since Paris and Roosevelt. My son is sleeping so I guess now would be a good time. At the end of July, Josh, Ian and I drove up to Spokane WA for my brother Garrett's mission farewell. We started our journey going up through Boise ID and up into Moscow ID. That seriously was the longest drive I have ever taken (due to the one lane roads and all the little towns where you can only go 25 mph... (give me the INTERSTATE PLEASE!!!) We drove half way and stayed the night in Boise so Ian could get a little exercise in the pool.

Papa Bear and E-Bear getting ready to go swimming.

On the way to Moscow, we stopped in Riggins ID to get pictures of the Salmon River where it is a Water Rafting town. Josh and I really want to come back to go rafting.

It was so fun to stop in Moscow, as I had lived there quite a few years ago. I hadn't seen my sister in almost a year, it was so good to see her and my nieces and nephews. Ian played so well with his cousins. But then again Ian gets along with all kids he's ever been around.

We went on a tour of downtown Moscow so Josh could see the great sites. ;-) We stopped at a cool art gallery.

We stayed in good ol' Moscow for a couple of hours and then headed on to my adopted parents house in Spokane. I miss that house so much. Josh and I got there and went out and sat on the deck and enjoyed the country air. We did that almost every morning while we were there. It was so peaceful and relaxing. During our stay in Spokane, we went to my brother Garrett's mission farewell (he's headed to Chile). He gave such an incredible talk. It was so awesome to hear him talk about how one day all four of us kids will be able to sit in the temple together. I'm so excited he is serving the Lord right now. He is going to be a great missionary just like my father.

That Sunday after Garretts Farewell, Josh, Ian, and I headed to the airport to go to the Oregon Coast to meet up with Josh's family. It was Ian's second time being on a plane. He did really well, Josh and I were so proud of him. He was a big flirt with the flight attendant.

We got to Depoe Bay, OR and stayed in these beautiful condos (thanks to my mother in laws friend Karen). We shared our condo with Josh's sister, Monica and her family, while my parents-in-law shared theirs with Josh's other sister, Kallee and her family. We had so much fun together. Our view was just incredible overlooking the ocean. I was able to spend two days out on the deck relaxing and reading (thanks to one night of my son keeping me up all night, and the next day Josh getting food poisoning).

The view from our deck.

We spent a lot of time swimming in the pool. We also got to see whales out swimming in the ocean while we were swimming in the pool.

Josh enjoying the pool ;-)

Just for you Kells!

A picture of my two handsome guys.

Our last day we were there we went crabbing. You do a lot of waiting while you wait for the crabs to come into the net, so the girls didn't stick around long while the guys hung out on the pier.
Yep, they caught a turkey leg! Way to go guys! Just kidding it was just the bait.

J-mont's crab :-)

I think I can...I think I can....I got nothin'.....

Marley got a pink starfish, we had to throw it back :-(

After about 10 days of vacation we headed back to Spokane (Ian did great on the flight back), and drove from there back to good old Ogden Utah. After two days of being home all my family came to see Garrett off to the MTC. We had a big family dinner the night before, it was a blast sitting and visiting with everyone
It was so hard to say see ya later to Garrett. He has such an incredible spirit about him, I'm so glad he is my younger brother. I don't think I have cried that hard in a while. Poor Ian kept looking at me like I was crazy! It was good to see Garrett go at the same time because I know what he will be doing for the next two years and I couldn't be prouder of him.

Well if you are still reading this, you really must be a true friend. HAHA! This long even for me. Well hope you will join us as our next adventures should take us to California. See-ya next time. ;-)