Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break

So I have received a few requests for pictures of my Ian Bear, they are random pictures from out trip. This last week we spent Josh's spring break down in St. George. It was such a nice relaxed vacation. I enjoyed every minute. Momma Hawks and I bonded over a sewing machine where she taught me how to sew a skirt. I am so excited to sew some more, I loved it. We didn't have time to finish it, so I am thinking about going back in April to spend some more time with her sewing machine. Josh and I decided to go to Vegas for a day and stay a night in Circus Circus. I was in cheesy game heaven there, I wanted to play everything. I loved winning all the stuffed animals for Ian (which between Josh and I were a ton). Josh and I had a blast, it felt like being a kid again. The best part was going to Fremont Street for my Deep Fried Twinkies. Yes that is my new obsession. Who knew you could clog an artery with one bite. Well if I die from eating one, it was worth it. ;-) We had so much fun and really appreciate Momma Hawks coming with us to watch Ian so we could play. Thanks Momma Hawks for everything, we had such a great time visiting with you and just relaxing. I can't wait to come again and spend more time with everyone. While I was down there I turned Momma Hawks kitchen into a salon. My sister in law Monica came over with her 6 kids, and I did all of their hair except for 2 of my nephews. We talked about getting before and after pictures, but we forgot. Oh well. Another time I suppose. It was so nice to get to do so much hair, I loved it! We also went to the fiesta fun park in St. George and had a great time playing mini-golf with the kids. Okay well Monica, Bryce and I all talked as we walked to each hole the kids played. I got to visit with family, go to lunch with old friends, and just relax. It was a fabulous spring break. Next my travels take me back to Washington at the end of this month. I can't wait to see my family and friends up there.

Fiesta Fun Park

Vegas! I love the Night Life, I love to Boogey! Oh and the M&M factory too!

Me and Ian Bear in Grandma's backyard

Ian and his cousin Macey
Our little pot-bellied stallion (Josh's nickname)
Family portrait at the Fiesta Fun Park
My favorite picture of Ian, it just makes me laugh
Ian sitting in the high chair at Grandmas. He's getting to be so big.