Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I've been way to lazy

So back after a month, here I am. Unfortunately I believe the medication the doctor had me on was causing me to pretty much want to lay down and die. I really haven't cared about anything and have just wanted to stay in bed, serious depression folks. So I decided to go off it and I have felt much more like my sassy self. So on with life shall we......
At the beginning of the month Josh and my brother Darren and I went to Las Vegas. We stopped in St. George for two days and then went on to Vegas for another two days to spend with my Aunt and Uncle from Florida. It was a blast hanging out with them, especially since my Aunt has to have everything planned right down to the last "whatever". Can I tell you how much I love buffets. Uh, I love BUFFETS. I think I had three plates each meal, which I am not embarrassed about one bit, I am feeding for two, ;-). Side note speaking of Buffets. My baby brother Garrett calls me when we got back and says, "I shouldn't tell you what Darren said about you in Vegas," I started laughing and said, "what that I am a big pig at the buffets?" He was silent and says, how did you know? I figured he would say just as much. I still get a kick out of that.

Anyway back to the trip, while in St. George we went to ride the bumper boats, go-carts, and had a blast at the batting cages.
Josh had way too much fun soaking me on the bumper boats.
When we hit up Vegas we stayed in the older part of Vegas (which I call the Old "Ghetto" Strip), and had way too much fun. I think my brother and Josh hit up every Casino on the strip. I could only handle about half. Here are just a few pics from our trip. I got to spin the wheel for a "free something" at the Monte Carlo, I won a free drink from Starbucks.... just what I always wanted. ;-)