Friday, April 25, 2008

Could Friday night get any better?!

So I am sitting at home on the computer on a friday night while my husband is downstairs watching all the basketball playoffs. However, I cannot be mad at him, I did manage to get him to help clean the house, yes literally CLEAN the house. He is really awesome when it comes to helping me. Okay done bragging. ;-)

Anyway, so I thought it might be fun to post all my different colors of hair I have had recently in the last couple of months, okay okay, and weeks. Yes it's changed 3 different times in the last couple of weeks. Come on now, we all should be used to this by now. Why am I doing this? I don't know because I am bored and I personally think it's kinda funny to see all my different hair colors and lengths. So here goes.....
This hair excursion began in August of 2007-this is what Josh considers normal hair....
I love Red!!!!
It was necessary to be blonde again, not sure as to why, but it was necessary...
Now it's time to chop it off....then time to think pink... This was my favorite, I don't care what my future children will think of me!

The pink became too costly, so back to brown we go....or do we????

Yeah not for long, I call it.....Raspberry, my own concoction. ;-)
That too didn't last.... so as of right now it's Raspberry and black. Who knows how long this one will last, it's fun for now.

I love pictures.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bored out of my Ding Dong

So I love that phrase. My boss uses it all the time, and tonight it applies. My hubby is still at work and there is nothing on tv. It's sad because I have been doing so much lately, went to the Zoo, had a party for my brother, took a color class, went to a funeral, I have so many things I could go on about and have no desire. Maybe when you are at the the point of complete and utter boredom nothing will suffice. So I will throw a few pictures on here, don't worry none from the funeral, that could go very badly, besides, I didn't take any while I was there, so HA!
This is me and my nephew Deklan on his birthday at the Zoo. (Yep it's a new color I am sporting this week, don't worry will get to that some other time...maybe)

Sorry honey, this is my new boyfriend Eddie...

Me and B on the train ride of LAMENESSSSSSSSS

These are the pets I brought home, but Josh made me take them back, I just don't understand why!

Friday, April 11, 2008

That comes from where????

So we had our official first doctors visit and got our first ultra sound. I still wasn't sure what I was looking at, but I pointed out the head and was right, so I guess there really is a baby there. It was so neat to hear the heartbeat. Josh came with me, and it was so nice to have him there minus the..."well I guess you really are pregnant now." All day after the appointment that's what I got to hear. It's official I'm not faking sick. ;-) The second best part of the doctors visit was while we were sitting in the waiting area we were given books to look at and one of them had explicit pictures of child birth. Josh's eyes got big and says "ewwww gross, I can't believe that comes from there. I said, Well sherlock where else would it come from. He says, I don't know but that is just wrong. "
Gotta love guys and their thinking. I really was happy that he came with. If you end up reading his blog, it's the more sentimental side of all of it, so I am glad he wrote the good stuff. 10 Weeks: Your baby, now barely the size of a kumquat, weighs less than a quarter of an ounce. (Length: a little over 1 inch, head to bottom.) Well folks for those wondering about what a kumquat is, there you go ;-)

Besides the doctors visit, my coolest sister-in-law (yes B, that would be you) finally spilled the beans that she is gonna have a baby. I am so excited because we are gonna be pregnant together. She is two weeks ahead of me. We have talked about being pregnant together for so long and to have it happen is so exciting. So now, lets sister is due in July, my friend Dharma is due in August, B is due in October, I am due in Nov, oh yeah Nov. 4, and my other sister in law called to tell us she is due in December. WOW! Talk about an out pouring of kids.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Okay I am back from the land of the DEAD!

So yes these last couple of weeks have killed me....almost. I have had no desire to come near this computer. So I apologize for the lack of update. I have been so tired and sick, sick and tired... just nauseated, thank goodness, no throwy-up-ey. Luckily this will all make you all puke when you hear that I have had the best supportive husband through these last couple of weeks. Like the night I was screaming for a taco bell salad and Josh could not understand for the life of him why I just couldn't eat anything here in the house, finally after playing the martyr (which yes I am good at) he went and got my salad. He is learning though. Especially the other night when I came home from work in a dire need for steak, which totally threw me cuz I like steak, (but man I don't crave it like this) and Josh didn't question me, I went to the store and got some steak and cooked it. He's beginning to understand. It's funny how people keep asking me so how you feeling, I feel like crap and I feel like adopting next time I consider having a child, thanks for asking. ;-) Good times, Good times. Okay well I really don't say that, but you know I think it every single time.
Well BABY update, I'm 9 weeks along and my baby is the size of a grape. MMMMM grapes, torr remember when we used to do the frozen grapes in college??? Those were my favorite, I still do that sometimes.
Anyway, back to the baby, and the fact that the tail is gone this week, HOORAY!!!!! for no more tail. Oh and hands and feet are there too. Okay this is enough, my unisom is kickin in, must go to bed now.